Making the decision to ship your vehicle during your move is something that should be approached with care, and a decision that needs plenty of consideration. There needs to be some careful planning, and it is up to you to gather the relevant information beforehand. Prior to enlisting the service of an auto shipper, there are a few things you should know about your current situation.

The following are some items to take into consideration. For all of your auto shipping needs in Greenland, NH, Rust Auto Shippers is here to help safely transport your vehicle.

1.) Destination of Vehicle

This is the most important and vital statistic to provide, and one you should know well beforehand. Without a destination, an auto shipping company will not be able to fully perform their duties for you – why bother enlisting the service if you cannot even move the vehicle? Make sure everything is set in stone before you call a shipper.

2.) State of Your Vehicle

If your vehicle is in good condition, there is no need to worry. Still, it is something you should make an assessment of beforehand. Should your vehicle be acting up, even slightly, you should take it to a shop and figure out what is going on under the hood. If the vehicle is left neglected as it is shipped, any present problems may only get worse.

3.) Budget

Taking care of finances may be a bit dull and less than desirable, but it is an important habit to form for all aspects of life. Have an idea of what you can, and should, spend. Doing light research and seeing what you should expect to pay for this type of service will help you determine if the price offered by a shipper is fair. Once you have a general idea, form a budget and get shopping.

4.) How Much Gas Is in the Vehicle

It is recommended that your gas tank is 1/4 full, at the very least, before you send it off to a shipper for transport. You want to be sure that you are able to drive the vehicle from the drop off point to your next destination, and it could be a difficult situation to deal with if you do not have enough gas to travel.

5.) How to Process a Claim

While a shipper will always take the time to make sure your vehicle arrives to its destination safely, accidents do happen. It is unfortunate, and being prepared will make it much easier to deal with. Assess your insurance information, and be prepared to process a claim if necessary. Though you hopefully will not deal with damage, it is always good to have a backup plan.

These are just some steps that will help make your vehicle transportation easier. Knowledge is power when you prepare for your vehicle to be shipped. If you are looking for a reliable auto shipper in Greenland, New Hampshire, Rust Auto Shippers can assist. Give us a call at (800)-331-3496 and find out what we can offer!