When you have a vehicle that needs a little extra TLC, it is important that it is transported efficiently when the time comes to move and relocate everything. It is important to take the proper care and find the most effective and professional auto shipper. We at Rust Auto Shippers believe in helping plenty of customers transport their vehicle, no matter what kind of vessel they use.

The following are a few types of vehicles we are happy to assist with that are a bit more aged or different from your average car.


If you have a large set of vehicles that needs attention, you need not fret. It is important to transport all of the vehicles in the fleet to their rightful place, and Rust Auto Shippers is an auto shipper you can count on to handle these larger, more demanding vehicles and deliver them to the rightful destination.

Inoperable Vehicles

Sometimes, life happens and gives us some tough situations like our vehicle breaking dow. Since they are inoperable, it is necessary to transport the vehicle to areas where they can be traded in once they lose function. We are happy to take any inoperable vehicle off of your hands and bring it to its next place.

Antique Vehicles

We specialize in handling antique vehicles. They need plenty of care and extra attention when they are handled, and we are more than capable of giving your vehicle the extra TLC it needs. When it comes time to ship an older vehicle, we’re able to make it happen and preserve its condition.

These are just a few types of vehicles we work with on a daily basis that are out of the ordinary. No matter what kind of vehicle you have, Rust Auto Shippers will be able to assist you and offer the care and attention to detail your vehicle needs to arrive safely to your new destination. For more information, give us a call at (800)-331-3496!