If you’re moving across the country hiring an auto shipping company can seem like the ideal solution to get your car there without you having to drive it. But it’s not like someone is driving it for you. Your vehicle is loaded onto a carrier with other cars and shipped where it needs to do. Even easier, right? You don’t necessarily have to worry about someone driving your vehicle recklessly or anything failing. But there are some precautions you’re going to need to take. Read on to learn what you need to do to prepare your car for auto transport.

Clean it, Inside & Out

You may be asking yourself, but why? “If no one is going to be inside my car, why bother cleaning it?” Since it’s being transported with other vehicles, it may get jostled a little during the ride. Clean the inside and remove everything that isn’t secure to prevent it from damaging the interior or making a bigger mess. Cleaning the outside is important because makes it easier for drivers to inspect. The driver will inspect each vehicle at loading before departing on their trip.

Do a Quick Inspection

Since you’re entrusting us with your vehicle, you want to be aware of the condition you give it to us, and the state in which it’s returned. Check your tire pressure, disable your alarm, and remove any non-factory accessories to prevent them from being damaged. Make sure you also check for leaks, as these can be potentially dangerous for the carrier service, and thus your car may not be accepted. Lastly, don’t worry about filling up your tank. We encourage as low fuel as possible, as this decreases the weight of your vehicle and makes it easier to transport.

Hand Over the Keys

Once the driver performs their inspection, they will lock your vehicle. On the off chance they need to move it, make sure to hand over your keys.

There you have it. Now that you know what to do, you can be prepared for your auto shipping experience. Here at Rust Auto Shippers, we’re dedicated to keeping your car safe and getting it to where ever you need promptly. For more information, give us a call at (603) 430-6080.