Northern winters aren’t for everyone. And if you’re in a situation where you can escape somewhere warmer for the time being, we don’t blame you! But it can be hard to pack everything you need, especially if you’re going to be leaving for an extended amount of time. Here at Rust Auto Shippers, we can make it easy to transition to a warmer Southern climate with the help of an auto shipper service.

Why Choose an Auto Shipper?

When you’re traveling away from home for an extended amount of time – like an entire winter – it will get expensive to rent a car for those months. It would be much easier to take your own car. But do you want to put on all those miles driving back and forth from New Hampshire to Florida? Employing the services of an auto shipper can get your car there without any additional wear and tear. Even better, you have to relax and enjoy your flight.

What About Luggage?

When traveling for months at a time, you’re going to need more than a traditional piece of luggage. Rather than have to pay to fly your clothes out with you, put them in your car! There are laws in place that regulate what you can and can’t store in a car that’s being shipped, but clothes are okay to put in the trunk space ONLY and limited to 100 pounds.  Make sure not to pack any food, legal papers, plants, electronics, medication, alcohol or any item that can be described as a “household good”.


How Should I Prepare?

Have we sold you on using an auto shipping service instead of driving? Perfect! There are only a few steps you need to take. Make sure to remove any non-factory additions, like ski or bike racks, as well as any hitch extensions. It’s important to disable your alarm system and provide us with any keys we’re going to need to access your vehicle. But don’t worry about filling up, you only need to have about ¼ a tank during shipping.

Being fortunate enough to escape the snow and cold weather is a luxury within itself, but why not go all the way and pamper yourself. Choosing an auto shipper instead of driving can save you time and allow you to enjoy the warm weather faster. For more information, contact us at (800) 331-3496 or (603) 430-6080.