When you need your car to get there in perfect condition, turn to the team at Rust Auto Shippers, Inc. in Exeter, New Hampshire. We provide auto transport for all kinds of vehicles.

Q: Can I pack some of my belongings in the car before it is picked up?
A: Federal law prohibits us from transporting personal items inside a car while it is on the car carrier. Children’s car seats are allowed, but they must be strapped in. While some clothing is allowed in the trunk of the car, items such as plants, electronics, medications, and alcohol are strictly prohibited.

Q: Is there insurance on my vehicle while it is on the truck?
A: Cargo Insurance is provided to cover each vehicle while in transit for accident or transport damage.

Q: If there is damage to my vehicle, how do I process a claim?
A: Any COD balance must be paid before a claim can be processed. All damage must be noted in writing on the Bill of Lading and signed by both the receiving party and the driver. There must be two or three written estimates (at the owner’s expense) submitted to the carrier within fifteen days of delivery with a statement of specific damages.

Any repairs made before the carrier has the opportunity to review the estimates will nullify any claim consideration. All claims, subrogation, and litigation of any legal action must have a right of venue in the state and county municipal court in which the carrier is based.

Q: How much gas should be in the car?
A: The gas tank should be at 1/4.

Additional Policies

In order for us to provide you with top service, there are a number of regulations we have in place for our clients. Any additions to your factory roof racks, including ski racks or bike racks, must be removed. You must also turn off your alarm system and remove the extension from your trailer hitch.

If your vehicle requires a separate key to open the trunk or glove box, this key must be provided to us before shipment. No valet keys will be accepted. In addition, any keys or special tools for your outside mounted spares must be provided.

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