We here at Rust Auto Shippers believe in providing satisfying service in all aspects of customer service. We expect our processes to be top-notch. It is a priority to give our customers the care and attention they need during a very stressful time as they transport their vehicle from Point A to Point B.

Customer service matters, keeps us connected with our faithful patrons, and helps businesses stay afloat. The following are just a few ways we aim satisfy others and be an auto shipper that provides excellent customer service.


  • Making Ourselves Accessible

Rust Auto Shippers knows the moving process often involves plenty of distance traveled. It is not practical to ship your vehicle if it is only being moved a state over. Nor is something like that done often! Our radius is large enough to accommodate all kinds of distances, reaching various parts of the country for all of your location needs.

  • Offering Protection

As careful as we are to ensure that your visit to an auto shipper will stay free of hazards, accidents do unfortunately happen. To give you peace of mind, Rust Auto Shippers offers strong equipment that will withstand plenty of traffic.

  • A Variety of Services

Whatever type of vehicle(s) you need shipped, Rust Auto Carrier can assist you. We offer both residential and commercial transport. If you need a fleet transported, our equipment can handle it. We are more than willing to help out. Any vehicle has a home with us!


Taking care of our customers is a priority for us. We have policies and practices in place to ensure an effective transportation process. If you are looking for a quality auto shipper around Greenland, New Hampshire, you can rely on Rust Auto Shippers. Give us a call at  (603)-430-6080 and get your appointment sorted today!