Owning an antique car or truck is a significant investment, both in time and money. Although you can keep it for looks, most people want to restore it and show it off. But you can’t treat them like any old vehicle. Antique cars – defined as those 25 years or older in the state of New Hampshire – with antique plates have specific rules and regulations about when they can and cannot be driven. And beyond that, some of them don’t meet speed and safety regulations today. If you have an antique truck or car, consider using an auto shipping service like Rust Auto Shippers.

What Makes a Truck Antique?

In New Hampshire, you can register your older, restored car or truck as either antique or custom. Custom cars are traditionally known as “street rods” and are manufactured before 1949. Aside from being modified to meet safety regulations, these custom cars maintain the original body. Antique registrations are used for vehicles over 25 years old that are restored primarily for shows, exhibitions, parades, or other activities.

Why Do You Need to Ship an Antique?

As stated above, some antique vehicles do not meet safety and other regulations required for automobiles today. Although this may not deter you from traveling the short distance across town for the antique truck show, it may prevent you from traveling from Exeter, NH to participate in the Antique Truck Club of America’s annual meetup in Macungie, PA. Most antiques don’t go as fast as today’s cars, and it could be dangerous – and take a long time – to travel great distances. Further, these vehicles, even when restored, don’t have the comforts of modern ones. Do you want to drive 300 miles in a car without air conditioning or cup holders?

In these cases, it’s smarter to ship! We understand the time and energy you put into restoring the car and keeping it in tip-top shape, and we promise to care as much as you do. Here at Rust Auto Shipping, we specialize in transporting antique vehicles just like yours.

You’ve put a lot of time into maintaining your antique vehicle, and we want to help you show it off! Whether it’s across town or across the country, we’ll get your antique there without a scratch. For more information about our auto shipping services, visit our site here.